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Let’s face it, if you are a high school or college student there are plenty of things you’d rather be doing than sitting at a keyboard and taking typing lessons.

I’d bet that if you’re reading this now you already realize learning to type quickly and accurately will take some focus and practice but is well worth the time and effort. Most of the things that you do on a computer involve typing. So the good part is that the benefits will show very soon and in the end they will be enormous.
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The quicker and more accurately you type, the faster you will get your term papers, book reports, projects, emails, and online posts done.

Completing school work and personal computer time tasks will both be easier and quicker if you use a follow the instructions in a typing program and practice a fair bit.

Today’s typing software programs have a variety of drills, lessons, and games to maintain your interest and get the job done. Customizable lessons and varied drills with typing exercises for all skill levels.

Accepting the challenge and then satisfaction of seeing your typing test scores improve will keep you motivated to move on. And typing can be fun if you use some of the keyboarding teaching programs with built in typing games on the market. Typing games are not only for little kids. Sure learning anything new and practicing can be a bit boring. Mixing in games with the lessons breaks up the monotony and even adds a new kind of challenge. Sometimes you won’t even remember that you’re learning and not just playing a game.

Make the decision now to improve your typing speed and you’ll face the future head on with a new wind at your back.

All you have to do is realize right here and now one simple, irrefutable fact. Putting in a just a little structured time now for a few weeks or months to learn how to type properly will save you many, many, many hours of your life in the future.

Every single half-hour or hour that you spend learning how to type, practicing, or playing structured typing games now will pay you back tenfold later. Every term paper or project, assignment, and personal document will take you less time and effort from here on out.

So whether you are a beginner, average, or expert typer – commit to improve your typing now. Procrastination can rob you of many extra hours per year that you’ll have if you don’t start to learn or improve your typing skills today.

So from TypingGames.us – Good luck and have fun.

Typing Type

I am so thankful for Miss Cooper and high school typing class. I don’t have to look at my keyboard or my fingers. But my problem is this … I find myself typing way too fast in an effort to keep up with my thoughts.


I took typing classes in high school because computers were becoming a big thing and I saw the value in it. I’ve had about 10 years of typing practice now – and can type relatively fast.

Annies Home

How do you type on a computer: the four-finger “professional” method, the “hunt and peck” method, or something in between? I learned how to type in typing class in highschool.

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