You are never too young or too old to learn how to type or to work on improving your typing skills.

Chances are that if you are reading this page you already understand that learning to type better and faster is one thing that you can easily do to add to your personal skill portfolio and better your life.

Many tasks that you have to complete everyday on a computer at work, at school, or at home involve a lot of typing. Get quicker at typing and you’ll have more free time or an opportunity to re-edit your work and improve the end product. Not only that but if you complete your work that requires any typing sooner you’ll have more free time to do other things you’d rather be doing.

If you are a student, your school work and personal tasks will go quicker and be easier to do if you start a typing program now and practice regularly. The quicker and more accurately you type, the faster you will get your term papers, book reports, projects, emails, and online posts done. And better work means better grades in school.
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If you are out of school, improving your typing ability can still bring many benefits. The time-saving benefits of learning how to keyboard quickly and accurately can not be overstated.

Higher quality documents submitted on time or ahead of schedule at work can mean added recognition by your supervisors and may lead to promotions and better pay.

It will take some practice to get really fast at it but you will notice your improvement when you practice while following a good tutorial. The benefits are indisputable.

So how would you like to have your own personalized typing instructor with you anytime, anywhere, any place? Well you can do just that with the latest keyboarding software – it’s like having your own personal tutor and a one-on-one typing class anytime you choose.

Older programs were boring and usually only had a few lessons to follow. The newer computer based typing tutor programs available today include a variety of progressive lessons, structured typing drills, and yes, typing games to make it fun. Typing games are beneficial for people of all ages.

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The better programs have more varied exercises and they also track your improvement as you progress through the suggested lessons. That feedback is important to as it provides additional motivation to keep going while you continue improving.

Some keyboarding software packages allow you to customize the speed and format of the lessons to match your ability and typing level. So whether you are a beginner, have taken typing classes before, or are already a QWERTY whiz on the keyboard, you can find a typing program to challenge you and to help you improve your typing skills.

Learning typing in the convenience of your home, on your schedule, and at your own pace is definitely the way to go. Results can often be seen and measured in as little as several days to a week when you follow the typing instruction guidelines in the typing courses.

And if you’re used to using an old typewriter, you might find the following video amusing. Sometimes, old habits die hard.

Even after you get the keyboarding basics down and are keying pretty accurately, just think of the time you could save writing letters, doing work assignments, and composing other documents if you could just increase your words per minute (wpm) rate.

Building upon the good foundation put in place by following a typing tutor program, a little extra practice will have you typing faster and faster, a little effort goes a long way and the benefits will last a long time.

So it doesn’t matter if you hunt and peck using a couple fingers or know how to touch type properly, there’s always room for improving your typing skills and you’ll reap benefits for years to come.

The sooner you start to learn or improve your typing skills, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits.

Start today. Benefit tomorrow.

Increase your typing speed and productivity!
I remember a memorable phrase my brother used to say every time he saw someone typing really slow using just his or her two index fingers.

Typing Speed Test Scores
Your net words per minute should ideally be at least 60 wpm to earn a respectable piece rate for data entry. You could begin at 50 wpm for typing and transcription, but always strive to improve. 

My Typing Skills
Well, actually I didn’t type as well before. Now that I’m in middle school, I have this class called Computer Literacy, and my teacher taught me well.

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